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Aluminum Bound Cases
ATA 300 Approved Flight Cases

    Our competitive pricing has made Pith Products LLC the first choice in quality aluminum bound cases for hundreds of businesses nationwide. Our containers are built to protect your product against corrosion and dust.They are intended for use in a variety of industries as the best possible way to package and protect valuable precision instruments for both shipping and storage.  

Pith Products aluminum bound cases can be made with many different materials to meet your design needs. Amongst these materials are finish plywood, ABS plastic, aluminum clad, fiberglass laminate as well as composite laminate. If you have a certain type of finish Pith Products can design any one of our containers to suit your needs. Pith Products goal is to provide our customers with a quality container at fair price. We look forward to your ideas and comments so we can provide you with the service and products that you deserve.


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